Working in IMG

At Impetus Marketing Group, we bring together a company of artists. We build the infrastructure of set designers, stagehands and a supporting cast; And we applaud the performance of our cast members who often emerges as stars on their own.

Traditional Management gospel only prevents us from understanding creativity. Traditional Management demands obedience, control, certainty and status quo. A creative company strives on the opposite: Instinct, uncertaint, freedom, and iconoclasm.

Creativity is a learning process, not a management process. While it may be fun, our environment will be demanding. We will scold you because creativity demands a commitment of self.

How we work in Impetus Marketing Group

Raising the bar

We make it safe for you to be creative but we raise the challenge of delivering. No one gets blamed when things go wrong. We know that you didn’t want things to deliberate go wrong. So, we try to remove all hierachical obstacles and build an infrastructure for you. We don’t want you to worry about hitting a wrong note when playing an extremely difficult piece of music. But the piece has to be difficult so that you can excel.

On the other hand, reducing the risk but not raising the challenge gets you arrogance and complacency. And you don’t want that.

Walk backwards. Not walk forward 

We don’t tell you what to do. We tell you where you need to be, at what time and what is expected. In short, we tell you the goals but you find your way there. We don’t micro manage you.

We focus on accountability, not responsibility. We don’t need you to be in the office from 9 – 6 pm. We just need you to deliver what is required of your role at the right time and place. Not 1 day late.

One of us is not as good as all of us

We believe in humility.  We believe in learning. But most importantly, we believe in teamwork. We can be a lead vocal, a talented base guitarist, or an excellent drummer but this is a band that we are talking about. 

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