How IMG appoach your Packaging Design


The first thing you remember about a brand may well be its colour. Think Cadbury's Dairy Milk purple, Coca-Cola's red or Guinness's black and cream. Colour makes your product recognisable and its important that any packaging designer's response to a brief conveys understanding on what the colours they use will convey, and whether they are going to sit with or challenge convention 

Sometimes the most-effective packs are the most simple. Multiple colours on a pack can be both distracting to the customer and costly to produce, which is why colour rationalisation is becoming increasingly popular. 


Building a story into the packaging of a product is becoming increasingly popular way to convey provenance and brand essence. Doing so allows consumers to connect with the product on an emotional level.

Cultural issues 

When designing for different cultures, language, colour, texture, and sensitivity to visual imagery have to be considered. For instance, in some countries pictures animals on packs are consider unlucky or disrespectful. 


When designing pictures onto a piece of packaging, the feel and tone of illustration and photography should be clearly outlined in the brief from the brand.

Practical considerations like the printing process and substrate onto which the image is going to be printed will also affect how illustrations or photographs are designed onto a pack. 


Production is the most difficult and dangerous thing in the process. Preparing your packaging design is not an easy task. Unlike digital solution like website or print, you cant do this at a push of a button. Preparing the colour separation is a lengthy and difficult process. One wrong step can be distratrous. 

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