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Projecting the right image for your business is crucial. Getting it right will help you attract more customers, achieve higher sales and generate more profit.

Your business image determines how your company is perceived. This perception will happen whether you like it or not and rather than let it happen by accident, you should take control of it. The way your company is perceived in the mind of your customer, is fact, and nothing will change that. So it’s important to decide how you would like your company to be perceived and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

A business image is the combination of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and visions people have about you, your products and your services. It is also your identity in the marketplace and should be exclusive to you in your business image.

Your business image, or corporate identity as it is more formally known, is ‘the “persona” of your company and should be in complete accord with, and facilitate the attainment of, your business objectives.

An image can speak a thousand words and if not displayed properly can give your organisation a bad impression from the outset. This in turn can lead to loss of sales. If your company/ product is presented in a sloppy manner why should potential customers consider purchasing products or services from you? In their mind if you look "cheap", the product or service you’re offering may also be below par too and you don’t want that, do you?

Pictures have power— the power to grab your consumer's attention and to convey or enhance your message. Pictures help the consumer understand your message and find entry points into the text. They give the consumer a quick summary of what your advertising is about and help the reader gauge his or her interest in diving into it. They also can help consumer quickly grasp complex ideas.

Pictures can relieve the tedium of gray type. But they can also distract the reader from your message if the pictures don't relate closely to the message. Make sure you are in control of your message with the pictures that you use in your publication.


Why should you use Impactful Visuals?

  • Visuals engage the right brain. More and more people are losing touch with the intuitive right hemisphere which facilitates our ability to think out of the box, see the big picture and spot new possibilities. Using graphics is an excellent way to boost whole-brained thinking.
  • Visuals stir emotions. Emotions makes things stick. Most people never forget the day they earned their first dollar or the day they got married for a good reason - emotions make things stick in your brain. And visuals, especially vivid and humorous ones, stir up emotions.
  • Visuals increase attention. Individuals are much more likely to even pay attention to data that has visuals as opposed to data with plain text. And nothing happens unless you first get attention.
  • Visuals facilitate better comprehension and retention. Visuals have the power to cut right through the fluff and summarize information in a very powerful and concise manner. This improves comprehension and retention.
  • Visuals can influence behavior change. Research shows that visuals which create a positive feeling in a person increase the likelihood of the individuals adherence to what is being communicated. 
  • Visuals communicate across barriers. Visuals have the power to talk to a large group of people with diverse cultural backgrounds and educational levels.
  • Visuals facilitate group dialogue. Visuals can encompass the views and feelings of a large number of people on a single sheet of paper. This helps them see the interconnections in their dialogue and move from 'Me' to 'We'.
  • Visuals shake up the learning experience. Using visual tools makes the learning environment  creative, engaging and much more fun. 

But the right image is hard to come by. That’s why, IMPETUS MARKETING GROUP, a leading design and creative agency in Singapore, can help you with putting your message across with the use of Photoshop.

Through our skillful master photoshop crafts men, we are able to put your ideas together in a single photo. Now you can create impactful visual through us. 

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