Overview of sampling

Product sampling generally involves products being given away as freebies to customers to attract the customer and build trust on the product. There are various kinds of product sampling. Dry sampling as well as Wet sampling are basically methods which invite a customer to test the product. Dry sampling mainly addresses the mass market through super markers and events. Wet sampling is more specific. The below mentioned table will give further classification for Dry and Wet sampling.





Super Market Sampling

Low as desired target Audience may not be  addressed

Cost is reasonably low as primary cost is sample distribution cost

Depends on the product being sampled for e.g. FMCG product can benefit from the exercise as it gives the opportunity to redirect customers from competitors product or gain awareness and trial which can help the product to be considered during the next purchase decision

Event Based Sampling

Depends on the relevance of the Event with the Personality of the brand for e.g. Product Sampling of an Energy Drink in a Rock Concert satisfies the Customer’s Need, Product, Context, Role matrix and the effective target audience is reached

Cost can be high as it may include the sample distribution cost along with sponsorship cost

If the Product, Context, Role attributes are matched effectively then the effectively then the sampling can offer rich dividends for the company and it can simultaneously increase usage and find new users for the brand.

Selective Sampling

Most effective reach as the samples are targeted towards the desired audience and can initiate a life long association with the brand but it can often ignore the potential future prospects of the brand.

Cost is very high as profiling and segmenting cost for the entire population is high, along with this product distribution cost is also high as area to be covered is very high

This form of sampling has the most effective as it is directed towards the target audience and it can generate the desired effect.

Guerilla Street Team Sampling

Very high reach as every possible set of customers can be addressed

High cost as an experienced distribution team is required along with innovative package to attract attention

Effective if targeted at the potential Consumer






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