Why use Sampling?

Product sampling is vital to generating trial and conversion for new and established brands. Event sampling creates product excitement and consumer involvement. It is the ideal way to build trial, target new customers, and expand the category.


• Increases sales by 20 to 40%* (according to AC Nielson Report)

• Creates a product experience

• Generates corporate goodwill that has a lasting effect 

• Convinces consumers to change brands

• Allows consumers to experience a small portion of your product

• Builds brand loyalty

• Gains cost-efficient product exposure

By using breakthrough brand sampling campaigns, you can place trial-size samples and marketing materials in the hands of targeted consumers creating distinct, lasting impressions for your brand.

Impetus Marketing Group has conducted sampling events on college campuses, sporting events, metropolitan areas, health clubs, beaches, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and various destinations.  We work with our clients to select and secure events complementing each product’s specific target audience. By applying a hands-on approach to reaching our clients’ target markets, IMG sampling programs deliver results.


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