A Shopper’s Vovage


The act of shopping contains all the elements of a great story — drama, emotion and action. However, in this story, the shopper is the leading actor, the retailer is the stage and the brand is the prize awaiting the shopper at Journey's end.

This great adventure, the shopper, contains seven distinct phases that capture the universal experience of shopping: The Disruption, The Mission in Life, The Crossing, The Path, The Reckoning, The Prize and The Homecoming.

The gestation period for purchases in different categories can take days or months with a majority of time spent in the initial phases of the journey. This is where less formal shopping takes place by way of researching professional and user reviews, and consulting friends and family. It also involves sleuthing shopping conglomeration websites in an attempt to “shop” on one’s own terms before entering a physical store.

The amount of time and level of consciousness afforded each stage varies significantly for different types of purchases. For many low-price and low-involvement categories, the journey is highly subconscious and nearly instantaneous, needing only a spark in the form of a reminder or usage suggestion to ignite a purchase.


The Disruption

A message breaks through the noise, snagging a consumer’s attention. Now the shopper is ready to heed the call and embark upon a journey.


The Mission in Life

The quest begins with the hero receiving a call to action, a new desire or a need that transforms her into a shopper—an individual with a purpose.


The Plot

Our shopper enters a world full of tasks, trials, temptations and decisions. The shopper pursues her quest, exploring, seeking, researching—perhaps even beyond her comfort level.


The Struggle

The Hero stuggles to make a decision. He/she plunges into the depths of despair. It’s always difficult to make the decision.


The Climax

The shopper eventually overcomes the challenges and made the decision. Having convinced of the benefits, he/she brings the product to the checkout counter.


The Prize

The shopper returns home with her prize, sometimes filled with excitement, or perhaps simply content with her mission. Now the brand must follow through on its promise, and the shopper's experience radiates outward to friends, family and coworkers. The shopper is made brilliant by her decision, not silly. A good and comprehensive branding is required.


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