Keys to a successful online video marketing strategy


A sound online video marketing strategy has to do with doing all you can to make your videos attract more audience. You videos will only go viral when your audience starts sharing and spreading them all over the internet with social bookmarking, facebook sharing, tweeting among other platforms available to internet users.

Here are seven useful keys to creating successful online marketing videos

i. Make it short

If only you will shorten up your videos! Incase you haven’t noticed, web surfers have a very short attention span. This explains why shorter videos spread around like wild fire. A number of short, informative and entertaining videos will quickly go viral making your online video marketing campaign far more successful than a few long videos that will lose your audience’s attention within the first minute.

ii. Make your videos interesting

Never forget that the primary purpose of your video is to brand yourself and your business online and the last thing you want is to be a long winded and boring marketer. Incase you are having more to share with your audience than you can do in one to to minutes then link them to other content that expound on the topic on your video. With this you will get backlinks and other opportunities to reach out to your clients.

iii. Keep it entertaining

People will pay attention to your video and even be eager to share it with friends if it’s entertaining. Be mindful of the tone of your videos, use humor and even some music in the background, without drowning down the message. Don’t mind being a little goofy and unique; incase you haven’t noticed, most popular videos on YouTube are either funny or controversial and they are pretty short.

iv. Have an attention-grabbing opener

The opening statement in your video serves the same purpose as that on your articles or sales pages. Grab your viewers’ attention right away with some humor or something that invokes curiosity or some kind of a strong emotional attachment.

v. Keep your viewers in mind

The most important factor when running your internet video marketing campaign is to always have your viewers in mind. Think about what your viewers are looking for online, the amount of time they have and the number of other videos promoting same products as yours.

vi. Engage your audience

People love being engaged, entertained, thrilled and tickled. Crowning all these with useful information will make you the “killer guy”. There are high chances of short, informative and entertaining videos going viral.

vii. Engage Search engine optimization

There is absolutely no point in creating excellent videos for your marketing campaign and failing to exploit their SEO potential. Ensure that you have a YouTube channel and include relevant links as well as a strong call to action within your videos. Tag your videos with relevant keywords and share them in facebook, twitter and other platforms.

Create short, informative and entertaining videos, optimize and share them and watch your videos go viral in a very short period of time.


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