How you can use graphic design and packaging design

How you can use graphic design and packaging design

Research shows that consumers make about 70 per cent of their buying decisions at the point of sale. It's also estimated that shoppers spend just three seconds looking at a piece of packaging design.

The main function of packaging is to sell the product at its point of purchase, so you should think carefully about how your products are packaged. In particular, consider the structural and functional design of your packaging - how will it advertise and then protect your product during delivery to shops, customers and beyond?

The structural design of your product's packaging can also promote it by making it more recognisable or practical than competing products or by giving extra information and benefits to the customer. For example, you could add vouchers or incentive schemes to your packaging.

The structural design of packaging can also save money and time while your product is being delivered to shops. Retail-ready packaging is designed to protect your product while being transported to shops, but it can also be easily opened and put onto the shelf - where it becomes part display case, part dispensing aid.

Green packaging

The use of 'green' packaging is increasing rapidly to meet consumer demand for recyclability and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Designers can help develop packaging that is environmentally friendly, making it more attractive to potential customers.

When deciding on your packaging requirements, consider how far your product has to travel from its source to its point of purchase. This is especially important when determining how many products can be shipped per pallet.

Also, think about how your product's full lifecycle impacts on the environment, from its initial packaging to the point of sale, use by the customer and finally to its disposal.

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