Make design part of your business strategy

Make design part of your business strategy

Design deserves more attention than it receives from business owners and managers. It's often seen as a finishing touch in product or service development - something to be used after the strategy has been formulated, key decisions have been made and budgets have been allocated.

Successful businesses include design as part of their business strategy from the outset because involving design at an early stage can save you money and result in a better experience for your customers.

You don't need a professional designer to use design strategically - just looking for new ways to meet your customers' needs is an important step in taking advantage of the benefits of design. Making even minor changes can provide considerable rewards.


Your first steps to using design more strategically should include:

·       pinpointing where and how design is currently being used within your business

·       identifying ways of improving the design process - such as increasing management involvement or using a professional design consultant

·       looking for areas of your business where design opportunities are being missed

·       making sure design considerations are featured in all your business planning meetings and documents

·       conducting market research to ensure you know what your customers need

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