Maximise the success of your design projects

Maximise the success of your design projects

For every design project you undertake, you should set clear targets for measuring its success.

In many instances customer response will be a crucial factor. For instance, if you design a new product, the key benchmark of its success will be its performance in the market.

You may also need to consider a wide range of additional factors when judging the success of your project:

·       Cost - did aspects of the design process - such as prototyping or user-testing - go over budget? If so, why?

·       Timescales - if deadlines were missed, was it because they were unrealistic or were the delays avoidable?

·       Working relationships - did poor communication or other problems hinder co-operation between you and your designer?

The more specific the targets and review dates you set out in your design brief - and the more key people or departments you involve in setting them - the more likely it is that you'll reap the return you want on your design investment.

If problems arise, deal with them as quickly as possible. Revise the design brief if important new information or priorities emerge - try not to get locked into a project that won't deliver what you need.

After a design project has concluded, review it to see what lessons can be learned - this will make it easier to ensure the success of future projects. And don't look at individual design projects in isolation - achieving your overall objectives may require a series of design investments to build on each other.

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