Producing a TV Commercial

The whole point of spending thousands of your hard earned dollars creating and airing a television commercial about your product or business is to get people to watch, know and buy your products. This should explain to you the importance of creating a persuasive commercial that will reach and influence your target audience.

Set a budget. This budget should include monetary and time values. It will determine what your company can and cannot afford to produce, and will be very helpful in the process of narrowing down your options. Request that each commercial proposal come with an itemized list of the expenses associated with its production, and that the television commercial production time falls within your company's time constraints.

Identify exactly what message you want to get across before you decide to produce a commercial. When it comes to choosing a television commercial for production, your company's message is the top priority and main purpose of the commercial.

Assess the creative aspects of your TV commercial options. Rate the strength of each of the following factors when weighing each commercial against the other:

Branding. The television commercial you choose to produce should speak for the uniqueness of your product or service, creating a mental image of your company that will stick in viewers' minds long after the commercial is over. Your company logo, mascot, colors and/or other identifying factors should be clearly displayed in the commercial.

Tag Line. An original tag line that promotes the message your company wants to convey with the television commercial production should be apparent and presented in a memorable way.

Consider the production. You have a few options when it comes to how you will produce a commercial, and they each reflect a different price margin. The scope of the commercial you choose will determine how you will need to have it produced, and your budget will play a large part in the production method of choice.

  • In-house. This is the least expensive way to produce a commercial. It involves approaching the television station directly and asking them to produce a commercial for you, which they will be airing. Of course, the least expensive way is also the least likely to provide high-budget results. This is a good option if you opt to produce a commercial that is very simple in structure and scope.
  • Independent production agencies. Hiring an independent production agency is a way to get production services tailored to your needs, as most agencies offer a full listing of services, ranging from creative design to editing, and let you pick and choose the services you need. If you choose a TV commercial with complicated graphics, you will need the services of a production agency, and it will cost you.


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